[LinuxBIOS] ELF loader in v3

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Sat Jun 30 07:47:03 CEST 2007

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> Ah! In this case I think the file needs to be in rom uncompressed all
> the time because we want to read cmos options before ram is up.
Good to know.
> So the program will not live at the address it asked for? 
It will - terminology is a bit unforgiving here, as the final memory 
layout is called "ELF Image", just like the file as generated by the linker.

Anyway: The proposal is to decompress the ELF image (the file generated 
by the linker) a second time, if the default location where it is 
compressed to collides with the memory used by the payload. When doing 
it the second time, all information is available to avoid another collision.
> If it gets your trouble done for the moment, please move it, until we
> really figured the ELF stuff out.
Moving it only helps if we decide on a memory layout. I need a place 
where I can decompress the ELF image to - either dynamically using a 
method like the one above or fixed, and reserved for that purpose.

As for my "trouble of the moment", I can just go on uncompressing the 
payload to 0x80000 (which I hardcoded) and move on with grub. That's not 
a permanent solution, though.

Patrick Georgi

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