[LinuxBIOS] patch: dtc now emits constructor array

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Wed Jun 27 10:24:20 CEST 2007

On Mon, Jun 25, 2007 at 10:34:36AM -0700, ron minnich wrote:
> in the previous version of dtc, to set up the constructor array, one
> had to declare it by hand
> in the mainboard dts, viz:
> %%
> struct constructor *all_constructors[] = {
>      i440bx_constructors, i82371eb_constructors, qemuvga_constructors, 0
> };
> This change eliminates that requirement.

Nice, this is a great improvement!

> In the new version, if a node
> in the dts has a
> constructor property, e.g.:
>        domain0 {
>                enabled;
>                config = "northbridge,intel,i440bxemulation";
>                constructor="i440bx_constructors";
> Then the dtc will emit the initialization automatically, adding a
> pointer to the all_constructors array for each constructor.
> Should we allow this?
> constructor=["i440bx_constructors", "i440gx_constructors"];
> so we can allow lots of things? We're still not sure.

Yes, I think we should allow it, looks pretty flexible and some very
similar chipsets can be handled with the same code... Are there any
drawbacks if we allow that?

> Note that with this change, and the other dts change that is
> committed, the need to put C in the dts file is now removed. This
> should make you all happier. Peter?
> This builds fine, but remains to be done, and, also, we need to fix
> device directories and add a dts to each one.

What needs to be done to make this fully work? Can you fix the patch
so the tree remains compilable after applying?

I get compile errors currently:

  CC      build/mainboard/emulation/qemu-x86/statictree.o
/tmp/v3_foo/build/mainboard/emulation/qemu-x86/statictree.c:71: error: redefinition of ‘all_constructors’
/tmp/v3_foo/build/mainboard/emulation/qemu-x86/statictree.c:17: error: previous definition of ‘all_constructors’ was here
make: *** [/tmp/v3_foo/build/mainboard/emulation/qemu-x86/statictree.o] Error 1

The patch itself looks good to me.

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