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Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Tue Jun 26 16:06:28 CEST 2007


On Sat, Jun 23, 2007 at 07:14:42PM -0400, eyal at cohenim.net wrote:
> I have a (NS GX1 + CX5530A + PC97317) board which takes forever to boot.
> According to the LinuxBios documentation this sort of a board should have
> been supported by v1 as "cocom" configuration, but is not supported on v2.
> I would love to hear a solution to this problem either a way to make it
> work with v2.

We have multiple GX1 based boards supported in v2, you can support the
cocom by modifying one of them (e.g. try asi/mb_5blmp) to your needs.
Shouldn't be too much work, these GX1 boards are mostly very similar.

You can use the v1 code as reference (i.e. to lookup cocom-specific
data), but I would not invest any time into v1 code anymore. Just
support the board in v2...

Let us know if you need help or have any questions! And please post a
(signed-off) patch if you get it to work!

Thanks, Uwe.
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