[LinuxBIOS] epia acpi patch ( for testing only )

Ben Hewson ben at hewson-venieri.com
Fri Jun 22 19:38:39 CEST 2007

good to hear it works ok on your board. I am not to sure how to do the 
power button, but will have a look. Also need to enable wakeup events, 
or at least put some commented code in there so people can 
enable/disable the ones they want.

Thanks also for the pci dump. The differences between the original bios 
and LB appear to be mostly the same on your board also. At least the 
registers I think may be causing the problem. I'll  try setting them on 
my board and see if it helps with the hangs, not that they happen very 
frequently at the moment.


> Ben Hewson wrote:
>> This patch allows Linux to poweroff the mainboard correctly.
> This works great here.  The system power button doesn't shut the system
> down though (holding it cuts power of course)
>> A shutdown -r also works, however, it should be noted that this will not
>> be the same a a physical
>> reset as I don't think the chipset supports it, at least I can't find
>> any references to a reset register.
>> There are some differences from my original BIOS. It reports only 2 CPU
>> throttling states, however mine reports 16 as I believe this is correct.
>> I have not been able to test this. Not even sure how to go about it.
> Mine also reports 16 throttling states, and setting them works fine
> (echo # > /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/throttling, where # is the desired
> throttling state).  I compared speeds using the distributed.net client
> benchmark, and speed matched what was expected for each throttling
> state. (If you've ever wanted to make your system run like a Pentium 75,
> now's your chance! ... and I remember when those were damn fast)
> -Alex Mauer "hawke"

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