[LinuxBIOS] Specifications

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Fri Jun 15 01:02:03 CEST 2007

* Jordan Crouse <jordan.crouse at amd.com> [070615 00:36]:
> I disagree.  Letting payloads rely on LinuxBIOS to set up devices is the
> start of a slippery slope that we should try like mad to avoid. 
We do know there are devices that won't work if LinuxBIOS does not do
the job. RAM, PCI resources, SCSI, VGA, ...

There are plenty of cases where the payload relies on LinuxBIOS setting
up the hardware. 

This is the whole point of LinuxBIOS: setting up the hardware.

> There is nothing about LinuxBIOS today that guarantees that any output
> method is available (even serial).  If we encourage payloads to use
> structures like these and make assumptions about the state of the
> hardware, then when a developer chooses to omit initializing the serial
> port or other output method, his e-mail will quickly catch on fire, 
> thereby implicitly forcing everybody to support serial and video and
> heaven knows what else.

Why would LinuxBIOS not initialize serial console, but a payload would?
If LinuxBIOS does not initialize it, it's not there.

The opposite: Payload writers' email catches fire because you set a baud
rate with "lxbios" but the payload just hardcoded its own serial speed.
So change baud rate once and you end up with a messed up terminal every
time you boot until you change it back. Bad. Solution: Rely on LinuxBIOS
doing its job.

> It is not LinuxBIOS's reponsiblity to make life easier for the payloads.

Ok, so what would you say is LinuxBIOS' job then? 


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