[LinuxBIOS] RFC Winflashrom Architecture -- Current device driver (testbed)

Jeremy Jackson jerj at coplanar.net
Mon Jun 11 19:27:17 CEST 2007

Presently at least for amd64 (the early init stuff is copied from i386
so it's probably the same), Linux kernel hard codes the below 1M bios
area.  I'm looking for a way to pass that info to the kernel (from
linuxbios table?) similar to e820, so that can be used as RAM. (keyword:
legacy removal)

I'm curious to know what depends on the below 1MB alias, and could they
be adjusted to use the high BIOS area.  Is the low 1MB alias where the
standards put $PIR and other tables read from the BIOS by the OS?


> > It should also update the below 1MB (and maybe below 16MB) aliases
> > in /proc/iomem, according to their actual status in the hardware.  For
> > example, the K8 northbridge fixed MTRRs could be disabled, rendering any
> > aliasing of the southbridge or LPC/FWH parts moot (from the processor's
> > perspective at least)
> How is this thing done today? Is it part of the e820 table? Or does
> Linux hardcode that area?
> Stefan

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