[LinuxBIOS] does reinitializing memory controller destroy all the data in ram?

RusH citizenr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 06:33:00 CEST 2007

Im sorry that Im again posting not exactly on the topic of linuxbios,
but I know that people reading this list have the knowledge  about the
subject that im interested in.

 Does reinitializing memory controler destroy all the data in ram?
Lets say I boot the computer, bios sets up the memory controller, then
runs bootloader, then my code. Now my code (using CAR) once again
reinitializes memory controller (sets up everything just like the
bios, only changes timings), will all the data be in ram after this?
or will it get wiped out/destroyed?

At first I was hoping that Bios initializes memory controller only on
cold boot, but it does it on soft ones too :(, my hope now lies in
attaching a bios module to  reinitialize it after the bios is
executed. I want my code to be able to set all the timings. I can do
it for tRCD tRP tRAS, but almost all controllers dont like tCAS
changes and will simply hang up the computer (KT133 and AMD64 to name
a few).

It would be a lot simplier if linuxbios could just boot XP crap :(

Who logs in to gdm? Not I, said the duck.

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