[LinuxBIOS] epia acpi patch ( for testing only )

Ben Hewson ben at hewson-venieri.com
Fri Jun 8 22:52:09 CEST 2007

Here is a patch to add limited acpi support to the epia board. This is 
purely for testing purposes. I can't guarantee it will work, however on 
my 500Mhz Epia board it seems to be ok. There are changes to the 
mainboard Config/Options.lb so you will need to rebuild the target, 
before compiling.

This patch allows Linux to poweroff the mainboard correctly.
A shutdown -r also works, however, it should be noted that this will not 
be the same a a physical
reset as I don't think the chipset supports it, at least I can't find 
any references to a reset register.

There are some differences from my original BIOS. It reports only 2 CPU 
throttling states, however mine reports 16 as I believe this is correct. 
I have not been able to test this. Not even sure how to go about it.

Hopefully the ACPI supports S1 and S4 states (not tested) however as 
there are currently no ACPI wakeup devices, if you suspend the board it 
probably won't wakeup.
My main aim was to get power down working. I may have a go at including 
some wakeup functionality when I get time and get my head around the 
ACPI spec a little better.

best of luck

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