[LinuxBIOS] Added mainboard commell/lv671 and compile works, but ...

Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 08:23:51 CEST 2007

Dieter Bloms wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> On Mon, Jun 04, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
>> Is your SuperIO a Winbond W83627HF? (Search the board for a chip close
>> to bios chip and the ports)
> from the manual it is a winbond W83627HF-AW, but I can't find any chip
> with those characters on it.
> I found two chips, which may be a superio controller:
> "AL0655 4C229T1 5012D" and "ICS UA 831293 0436 950211BF"

Neither of these are it, the first one I think you meant "ALC", which is
an audio controller, and the other is a p4 timing chip. Keep looking,
here's some popular manufacturers of Super IOs (which would be named on
the chip):


These are just the ones with support in LBv2 and are very common, but
there are more out there.


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