[LinuxBIOS] using Graphics card ram as actual ram?

RusH citizenr at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 02:58:02 CEST 2007

On 5/31/07, Juergen Beisert <juergen127 at kreuzholzen.de> wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 May 2007 18:57, RusH wrote:
> > Currently LinuxBios is using CAR for ram. What about using Video card
> > memory? is that feasible? Can you setup Video memory as stack?
> It would be possible, but this memory also is disabled after reset. To use it
> as RAM you must enable graphic controller's SDRAM controller first. And to
> enable graphic controller's SDRAM controller, you must init its PCI
> configurations space first, otherwise you can't access its registers....

thanks, so it looks like that 'magic hot swap testing program' is not
a bios replacement. Earlier I was under the impression they wrote the
whole thing as close to the bare metal as possible.

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