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Mon Jul 30 01:17:24 CEST 2007

 Hi all,

 I suppose that by "clean room" you mean in fact the "Chinese wall technique"
(cf Wikipedia..)
 If we have to do that (including reverse engineering), what are the legal
issues? I know that here in Europe doing revers is permited if it is justified
by interoperability and/or security auditing. What about the other
countries/economic zones?
 Also what can be the "political" consequences (I mean by this the relationship
between the LB team and the hardware manufacturers like nvidia, amd or the
motherboard manufacturers..)? I know that having access to datasheets is a very
hot issue for the LB project.. Can we go to these IP owners with a straight face
 after having dissected the legacy bios, and ask them ingenously : "can we have
please access at your datasheets"? Oh, I know, Yinghai Lu has said that the
copyright owner is the IBV not AMD or nvidia, but can we be sure that the
hardware guys are really neutral on this topic?
 Again, my apologies for asking idiotic questions as a n00b..

 Kind regards,

Quoting Stefan Reinauer <stepan at coresystems.de>:

> * yhlu <yinghailu at gmail.com> [070729 21:23]:
> > > Fixing things that we do wrong in Linux is a bad thing. It will only
> > > help us with Linux and lock out all others. Did we do this whole free
> > > bios thing to make it easier to lock others out? Ouch.
> >
> > that is not the point. you need to do implenmentation in DSDT for
> > chipset in a clean room.
> > current nvidia chipset dsdt is belonging to IBV...instead of nvidia. or
> AMD.
> Yes, that was what I was thinking. Such a clean room implementation is
> not impossible though, is it?
> Stefan
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