[LinuxBIOS] Can we provide BIOS service base on the Linux BIOS

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sun Jul 29 17:21:51 CEST 2007

* Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se> [070729 16:14]:
> --8<-- COPYING, just before section 3
> In addition, mere aggregation of another work not based on the Program
> with the Program (or with a work based on the Program) on a volume of
> a storage or distribution medium does not bring the other work under
> the scope of this License.
> -->8--
> Can a single file (LB+payload) be considered a volume of storage or a
> distribution medium? I suppose so.

I would assume, since the invention of tar files (Tape ARchive), dd,
loopback filesystems and Virtualization: Yes, we should explicitly
consider a single file a medium. 

The file is just an image of the FLASH ROM storage medium. It has no
use outside of that scope.

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