[LinuxBIOS] Filo + USB-OHCI boot

Remy Bruno remy.bruno at trinnov.com
Fri Jul 27 20:06:40 CEST 2007

Hi Peter,

Yes, my key is USB1-only able (works with usb-ohci and without ehci). I will
try usbsnoop, thank you!

BTW, I realized that the PCI device 00:0b.1 is the EHCI controler and 00:0b.0
is the OHCI controller. Lilo tries the 00:0b.0, which is thus the right one.


Le vendredi 27 juillet à 20:00, Peter Stuge a écrit:
> Hi Remy,
> On Fri, Jul 27, 2007 at 07:41:59PM +0200, Remy Bruno wrote:
> > USB key used: 0ea0:6828 Ours Technology, Inc. OTI-6828 Flash Disk
> > Please not that this key boots right using the BIOS (but I would like to avoid
> > using the BIOS), and is correctly recognized by linux (I noticed some
> > similarities between the linux USB driver and the filo USB driver)
> > PCI USB controllers (from lspci):
> > 00:0b.0 USB Controller: nVidia Corporation MCP51 USB Controller (rev a3)
> > 00:0b.1 USB Controller: nVidia Corporation MCP51 USB Controller (rev a3)
> There are three types of USB controllers:
> USB 1.1 specifies two of them; UHCI and OHCI.
> Intel and VIA are UHCI, most others are OHCI.
> USB 2.0 specifies only one; EHCI.
> EHCI controllers are not backwards-compatible.
> In order to still be able to use USB 1.1-only devices with EHCI
> controllers, all EHCI controllers must also provide one USB 1.1
> PCI device for each USB 2.0 port.
> FILO does not support EHCI, so all USB devices will be talking to
> USB 1.1 hosts.
> The USB memory is most likely a USB 2.0 device.
> But the OTI chipset may not function properly if it is not connected
> to a USB 2.0 host. That's all too common.
> > I'm not familiar at all with USB, so I don't know how to debug
> > this, nor what's wrong here.
> Start in Linux; make sure there is no EHCI driver in the kernel, only
> the OHCI driver, and see if the USB memory still works.
> If it does - there is nothing wrong with the OTI chipset and there is
> in fact a bug in FILO. (Also quite possible.)
> Then usbsnoop in the Linux system would be used to see what packets
> go out to the OHCI controller, and then that would be compared with
> what FILO is doing.
> EHCI support in FILO would be nice! :)
> //Peter
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