[LinuxBIOS] lspci Output from MSI P965 Platinum

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Jul 25 23:51:13 CEST 2007

On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 10:16:59PM +0100, Declan Gannon wrote:
> I am not sure where precisely I should send this information.....so
> I thought this might be a start.

You found the right place. :)

> it is the output from my MSI mobo. I am new to Linux and am
> currently running PClinuxOS....I only encountered the notion of a
> linuxBIOS

Unfortunately your board is not supported and will not be anytime

There is work in progress for some older Intel chipsets which could
be educational for supporting the newer hardware - but I expect it is
still quite some time away. It may even be practically impossible to
support the newer chipsets without good documentation, which Intel
does not release unless they have some rather strong motivation for
it, probably a big enough business case with some other company.


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