[LinuxBIOS] Linuxbios hardware compatibility

Matteo.Merli at servicesolutions.spx.com Matteo.Merli at servicesolutions.spx.com
Mon Jul 23 16:40:14 CEST 2007

Could you help us on understanding if our system architecture is Linuxbios 
Below the info you required.
Please let us know if you need more details.

Thank you in advance,


Step 1: A very brief description of your system: CPU and mainboard and 
optionally other important details. 
PC based portable device with Intel Celeron 800MHz 0 cache CPU, Intel 
915GM north bridge and Intel ICH6-M south bridge
Step 2: Linux lspci output for your system, generated by booting Linux via 
the original BIOS and runnning lspci. 
See attachement "Ispci.log"
Step 3: SuperIO chip on the mainboard (report the model numbers on the 
actual chip - doesn't appear in the lspci output) 
Winbond multi I/O W83627HG
Step 4: Type of BIOS device (See the question "How do I identify the BIOS 
chip on my mainboard?" below.) 
Step 5: URL to the mainboard specifications page (optional) 
Customized board. Please ask me for further details if needed
Step 6: Any other relevant information you can provide 

Matteo Merli
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web: www.tecnotest.com
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