[LinuxBIOS] Linuxbios on ms7250 irq on pci slots problem

George V. Adamov george at kami.ru
Fri Jul 20 14:43:20 CEST 2007

I just got Linux Bios running on msi ms7250 motherboard, but still have 
some difficulties:
It boots linux, but have troubels whith irqs for cards pluged into pci 
slots (it's possible to set irq 23-16). But cards  want to have 
something  like irq  7,9 or 10,  it's possible to program this (7, 9 or 
10) irqs from mptable.c directly, but after this Red Hat crashes with 
pci bus error e290.
Could anybody give me a hint how to make it work ?

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