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2007/7/20, john <selmys at lotuspond.ca>:
>  ST wrote:
> Hi John
> Please use the linuxbios list for inquiries.
>  1. Can you tell me which bios chip is enabled by each wire jumper? The
> two wires are called #1 and #3 but which enables original bios and which
> enables new bios on plcc-32 socket? On your photograph you do not label
> the wires.
>  Sorry, i don't know anymore. If you find out, tell me :-).
>  2. If I power on my PC without bios chip inserted into plcc-32 socket
> can this damage the motherboard? Even if I enable the empty socket by
> accident?
>  I don't think so. I'm pretty confident that it won't do any harm.
> ST
>  I've attached a photo of my MB with PLCC socket soldered in place. The
> red wire, when shorted to ground, activates the original BIOS chip. The red
> wire is the one closest to the 10k resistor.
> Also, I've powered on my PC several times with an empty PLCC socket
> without any damage, just to confirm your findings.
> John
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This installation is lovely (and the switch is really cleverly placed). I
want my motherboard !


  -=( Polytan )=-
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