john selmys at lotuspond.ca
Fri Jul 20 02:10:56 CEST 2007

ST wrote:
> Hi John
> Please use the linuxbios list for inquiries.
>> 1. Can you tell me which bios chip is enabled by each wire jumper? The
>> two wires are called #1 and #3 but which enables original bios and which
>> enables new bios on plcc-32 socket? On your photograph you do not label
>> the wires.
> Sorry, i don't know anymore. If you find out, tell me :-).
>> 2. If I power on my PC without bios chip inserted into plcc-32 socket
>> can this damage the motherboard? Even if I enable the empty socket by
>> accident?
> I don't think so. I'm pretty confident that it won't do any harm.
> ST
I've attached a photo of my MB with PLCC socket soldered in place. The 
red wire, when shorted to ground, activates the original BIOS chip. The 
red wire is the one closest to the 10k resistor.
Also, I've powered on my PC several times with an empty PLCC socket 
without any damage, just to confirm your findings.
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