[LinuxBIOS] #80: serial console in grub2 works

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Sat Jul 14 12:28:51 CEST 2007

#80: serial console in grub2 works
    Reporter:  oxygene      |         Owner:  oxygene                
        Type:  enhancement  |        Status:  assigned               
    Priority:  major        |     Milestone:  Port GRUB2 to LinuxBIOS
   Component:  code         |       Version:  v3                     
  Resolution:               |      Keywords:                         
Dependencies:               |   Patchstatus:  patch needs work       
Changes (by oxygene):

  * status:  new => assigned
  * patchstatus:  there is no patch => patch needs work


 The patch puts the serial port's I/O port at 0x400, where grub2 looks for
 it. That probably makes it "legacy support".

 Needs proper discussion if such legacy tables should be written by
 linuxbios and if so, where such code should end up.

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