[LinuxBIOS] Winflashrom -- Current Status

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Fri Jul 13 13:05:03 CEST 2007

* Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se> [070712 17:27]:
> Then compile board_enable.c also into the app, but not to call any of
> the functions (which would fail anyway) but only to get the same
> board_pciid_enables list. The struct may have to be extended to have
> a unique index for each entry so that the driver and app can agree on
> which function is which.
> All of the device detection should be done where it is easiest to do
> it. Since the driver will need to do safe PCI accesses for board
> enables perhaps it makes sense to contain all PCI accesses in the
> driver.
> On the other hand, perhaps the app will need to do some PCI accesses
> to choose the right board_enable function and then it's better to do
> most of them in the app.
> What do you think?
Application logic belongs into the application, not into the driver.

> Another general matter, make sure the app and driver can exchange
> version numbers. That way both the driver and the app could have
> compatiblity code in order to be backwards compatible.

The driver should be stupid enough so it does not need to be changed.
There is no need for a driver in Linux, either, it's merely a makeshift.

> I would like the app to exit with an error message if it can't agree
> with the kernel driver on a "protocol version" that both of them
> support. Need not be fancy right now, a simple two-way version check
> is plenty good.

Why do we need a protocol? I think this is overengineering the problem.

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