[LinuxBIOS] Winflashrom -- Current Status

Darmawan Salihun darmawan.salihun at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 09:19:47 CEST 2007

Peter Stuge wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 04:17:51PM +0700, Darmawan Salihun wrote:
>> The diff for the latest winflashrom code is attached.
> The diff is reversed, so a bit hard to read. Please do svn diff
> -r1:HEAD next time.
> Also, instead of commenting out non-Windows code and adding new
> Windows-only code, please suggest good ways to abstract the code.

There are a few things that need to be abstracted in order to unify
the Unix-based code and the Windows version. After thinking about the
solution for a while I found that it maybe better if I made a kind of
abstraction layer for the "incompatible" parts that only impose minor
changes to the current flashrom code base prior to doing a "redesign"
to the overall source code to address the Windows-*NIX
"incompatibilities". This is only a temporary workaround.
The most obvious parts are:

1. Libpci abstraction for Windows. In this case the libpci logic in
   the flashrom code base need not be changed. I will make a "libpci
   for Windows" that doesn't change the logic within the current
   flashrom code. Even after the redesign, we might choose to preserve
   this part.

2. Direct I/O access abstraction. I think, in the short term, I will just
   provide a simple direct I/O "compatibility layer" for inX,outX family of
   functions in the winflashrom.

3. File I/O abstraction. We might need this because fopen(..) behaves
   not exactly the same in Windows and *NIX.

Remember that this is only a short term solution. Anyway, do you think
it's good to make a branch for the current flashrom code in order to
develop the unified (redesigned) flashrom that will host a single
code base for both the *NIX version and winflashrom?
I mean the branch will be merged into the trunk once we have a well tested
unified version of flashrom/winflashrom.

Another note that I have difficulty in limiting the direct I/O access
in the current driver because I don't know exactly which port to give
access to and which one to block. Below is what I've found from the current
flashrom code so far. I/O port usage:

       0x2E (Winbond W836_INDEX port)
       0x2F (Winbond W836_DATA port)
       0xCFC - 0xCFF (PCI I/O port on x86)
       a "base + 0x4D" in Via Epia motherboard
       0xE800 (what port is this? )
       I couldn't conclude the the I/O port ranges to open from the port
list above because there is still unknown (I think it's dynamically 
relocatable) I/O port such as the one used by EPIA board. 
Any explanation on this issue?

That's all for now.

Darmawan Salihun

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