[LinuxBIOS] ticket 7 (flashing ICH-x mainboard)

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Soldering #TBL to Vcc seems aceptable to me. i always use a resistor of 
1k..10k in series but that is just to be on the extrem safe side...

next step is finding out to what the original #TBL pad is connected .. if 
#WP is comming from some chip #TBL might be near it on that chip....


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Based on intel 82802ab/82802ac datasheet. There is Top Block Lock. TBL# pin 
disables writing of highest addressable block when it is low.

When #TBL pin was desoldered and connected to Vcc (Is it right way to put it 
high?) Flashing with flashrom was succesful. Verify was ok.

It wasn't possible to write that chip with flashrom or uniflash before that.

There is also WP# pin to enable or disable writing other blocks.

Datasheet is http://download.intel.com/design/chipsets/datashts/29065804.pdf

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