[LinuxBIOS] another question for cs5536

Songmao Tian tiansm at lemote.com
Fri Jul 6 02:55:37 CEST 2007

Tom Sylla wrote:
> On 7/5/07, Songmao Tian <tiansm at lemote.com> wrote:
>> with regard to interrupt signal, I am still puzzled with the PCI_INTA#,
>> it is said that it's a input io. Shouldn't it output the interrupt
>> signal to cpu?
> On 5536, the PCI_INT{A,B,C,D}# signals are usually configured as
> inputs. (they are all just part of the GPIO block). Those signals then
> get mapped into the interrupt logic through the various IRQ mapping
> MSRs.
> Interrupt delivery to the processor is done on the "CIS" pin that is
> an output from 5536 to the GX or LX processor. The CIS pin delivers
> IRQ, SMI, NMI, etc in a serial stream to the CPU. (the CPU
> de-serializes it, and has internal versions of those signals)
> Your goal seems to be to mux 5536's internal INTR signal out onto a
> GPIO. There are some hints about that in the datasheet, but that is
> not an official way to do it. Normal Geode systems all use the serial
> packet. You will probably not get any support from AMD to do it that
> way, that path is not tested. (though I have seen it work)
Actually, we are using a non-Geode CPU(in fact it's a mips varient). I 
understand the situation, luckily I got
helps from all of you:), thanks again.

Perhaps I will try to port the LinuxBIOS, but if so, I have to port 
another payload(I am looking into grub2, any other sugguestion?)

and u-boot is another good option.

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