[LinuxBIOS] EFI Payload help: how to identify the resource types and attributes in LB

Xiong Yi xiongyi04 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 20:20:38 CEST 2007

Hi, all


I am developing the EFI payload for LB (see

And I am unifying the resource management of LB and EFI. In more details, I
am parsing the LB table and converting it to the HOB structures of Tiano

I described this idea several days ago.


But there is a problem:


The Tiano EFI describes the system resources as types and attributes, such
as the following definition:


// EFI_RESOURCE_TYPE (define the resource type)



#define EFI_RESOURCE_SYSTEM_MEMORY 0x00000000 (system memory resource)

#define EFI_RESOURCE_MEMORY_MAPPED_IO 0x00000001 (memory-mapped IO)

#define EFI_RESOURCE_IO 0x00000002 (Processor IO space)

#define EFI_RESOURCE_FIRMWARE_DEVICE 0x00000003 (Memory-mapped firmware

#define EFI_RESOURCE_MEMORY_RESERVED 0x00000005 (Reserved memory address

#define EFI_RESOURCE_IO_RESERVED 0x00000006 (Reserved IO address space)



// EFI_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE(define the resource attributes)




// These types can be ORed together as needed.

#define EFI_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_PRESENT 0x00000001 (the memory region exists)

#define EFI_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_INITIALIZED 0x00000002 (the memory region has
been initialized)

#define EFI_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_TESTED 0x00000004 (the memory region has been


And there are similar definitions in the LB's /src/include/device/resourch.h

But I can just find 

IORESOURCE_MEM | IORESOURCE_CACHEABLE (system memory) resources types and 

LB_MEM_RAM, LB_MEM_TABLE attributes in the LB tables. 


So how to identify other resource types and attributes in LB?

Or the current LB implementation just describes these types and attributes, 

I need to construct the rest resource types and attributes in the payload
itself as the exact requirement?


By the way, I built the LB with qemu emulation and just track qemu emulation
LB's source codes.


Thanks & Best regards,


Xiong Yi














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