[LinuxBIOS] epia, rom_cc and locking code

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sat Jan 13 12:50:41 CET 2007

* Ben Hewson <ben at hewson-venieri.com> [061021 12:18]:
> Ok first off the issue with ROM_CC and #if - #else - #endif not
> compiling properly.
> After some testing I have at least found the problem and it only ever
> happens if you put  a C++ style
> comment on the same line as the #if or #else

> Ok now to my problems with the EPIA board. I think in general it is
> working ok, but I still have some problems.
> From a cold boot and also at other times, it will just hang. I am having
> problems tracking down just where it hangs.
Does it work since the above problem was fixed?


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