[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBIOS not working...

sanjay tiwary stiwary20 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 14:38:49 CET 2007

I think i should give u the more details:
Southbridge Chip: VIA VT82C686
Following controllers/device are integrated with the bridge:
Integrated Super IO Controller
- Supports 2 serial ports, IR port, parallel port, and floppy disk controller functions
- Two UARTs for Complete Serial Ports
Programmable character lengths (5,6,7,8)
Even, odd, stick or no parity bit generation and detection
Programmable baud rate generator
High speed baud rate (230Kbps, 460Kbps) support
Independent transmit/receiver FIFOs
Modem Control
Plug and play with 96 base IO address and 12 IRQ options
- One dedicated IR port
Third serial port dedicated to IR function
IR function either through the two complete serial ports or the third dedicated port
Infrared-IrDA (HPSIR) and ASK (Amplitude Shift Keyed) IR
- Multi-mode parallel port
Standard mode, ECP and EPP support
Plug and play with 192 base IO address, 12 IRQ and 4 DMA options
- Floppy Disk Controller
16 bytes of FIFO
Data rates up to 1Mbps
Perpendicular recording driver support
Two FDDs with drive swap support
Plug and play with 48 base IO address, 12 IRQ and 4 DMA options


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* sanjay tiwary <stiwary20 at yahoo.com> [070112 07:54]:
> Hi Ron/All members of the LinuxBIOS group,
> I am new to the linuxBIOS technology.And wanetd to use the linuxBIOS stuff.But
> after creating the rom image and burning the chip,
> i was not able to see anything on either on display or on serial console.Can
> any one help me getting out of the problem.

> I am giving all the details so that you people can make out where am missing?

What superio is on the board?

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