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sanjay tiwary stiwary20 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 07:54:02 CET 2007

Hi Ron/All members of the LinuxBIOS group,
I am new to the linuxBIOS technology.And wanetd to use the linuxBIOS stuff.But after creating the rom image and burning the chip,
i was not able to see anything on either on display or on serial console.Can any one help me getting out of the problem.
I am giving all the details so that you people can make out where am missing?
Board Details:
The contain chips from Via
Northbridge: VT 8606(with AGP VGA Controller S3 Savage- twister)
South Bridge: VIA VT82C686A
BIOS Chip: 1MB
Processor: PentiumIII or Celeron300MHz, 100 MHz Bus
One SO-DIMM socket, 512 MByte max. PC100/ PC133
Two enhanced IDE ports
SoundBlaster™ compatible AC97
I used the configuration available for VIA/EPIA and Image was successfully created.Initially i tried to use the support avialble for VT8601.But i think, iam not getting the northbridge chip intialised.
If anyone have the support avialble for VT8606, then let me know.
Just help me out so that i can get something on the serial console.After that debugging will become a little bit easier.
Thanks & regards

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