[LinuxBIOS] #36: Make the mailing list archive searchable

Janek Kozicki janek at thenut.eti.pg.gda.pl
Tue Jan 9 11:31:02 CET 2007

LinuxBIOS said:     (by the date of Tue, 09 Jan 2007 01:28:30 -0000)

WTF with opening post?

> #36: Make the mailing list archive searchable  

I have just two days ago made mailing list of my project hosted on
berlios.de searchable using gmane.

It turned out to be pretty easy:

You need to add LinuxBIOS mailing list to http://gmane.org/ , then
send an email to their support with URL to file with full archive of
LinuxBIOS list compressed in mbox format.

The gmane automatically subscribes to the mailing list, and
automatically keeps them two synchronised. And gives you the search

In my case the response from gmane support was instant. They got
email about mbox archive of my mailing list, and the next day the
archive was imported and everything worked.

Janek Kozicki

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