[LinuxBIOS] comments about Linux BIOS

Chris Cannon burryme at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 2 04:35:05 CET 2007

I was excited to discover this project; it looks like good work. I did have 
a few comments / questions:

On the list of benefits on the front page it says: "Avoids the need for a 
slow, buggy, proprietary BIOS." I would add to this that it gives the end 
user freedom from invisible functionality black holes. For example, my 
laptop BIOS will on only initiate suspend-to-disk on timeout; there is no 
way for me to invoke it on demand (and there is no way for me to update the 
existing BIOS to add the needed functionality unless I can reverse engineer 
the BIOS at great risk to my system). With LinuxBIOS presumably I would have 
some recourse.

I am surprised that the list of payloads is not comprehensive; ie. 
apparently Linux BIOS doesn't provide a straight boot from MBR. This 
confused me. If this is not a goal, I would suggest making it a goal. This 
reflects my own philosophy that end-user interests are best served by 

I would also suggest a feature list on the webpage, so that passers-by like 
me can see at a glance if you intend to support things like suspend-to-disk 
(since the trend is to move s4 functionality to the OS).

Best regards,

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