[LinuxBIOS] Xvesa on LinuxBIOS

Alan Carvalho de Assis acassis at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 22:24:45 CET 2007

Hi guys,
I want place Xvesa (kdrive) inside BIOS, to get graphic mode.

First I compiled Xvesa with uclibc, created a rootfs tree with it and
compiled the kernel with it inside (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE pointing
to this directory).

Then created a GRUB option to call this kernel image. Using the
original BIOS (commercial) it goes fine. I got graphic mode running
correctly from this 1.7MB kernel image (initramfs as final rootfs). It
will fit in a 2MB flash.

After I compiled LinuxBIOS with the original VGA BIOS ROM attached and
filo as payload. LinuxBIOS started with VGA text mode and FILO call
the GRUB correctly.
GRUB start my kernel image but graphic mode don't start. I get this
error message:

"Interrupt pointer (seg 32 off 0) doesn't point at ROM"

This error message is from vm86.c:

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