[LinuxBIOS] #74: All "POST" codes should be documented

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Sat Feb 24 21:40:54 CET 2007

#74: All "POST" codes should be documented
    Reporter:  segher at kernel.crashing.org  |         Owner:  somebody         
        Type:  defect                      |        Status:  new              
    Priority:  major                       |     Milestone:  Going mainstream 
   Component:  documentation               |       Version:  v3               
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Comment (by rsmith):

 The following is a list I started at OLPC for V2.  Its not complete but
 hopefully others will add to it.

 linuxbios post codes

 0x10    Entry into protected mode
 0x01    Entry into 'crt0.s' Reset code jumps to here
 0x11    Start Copying Linuxbios to RAM with decompression if compressed
 0x12    Copy/Decompression finished jumping to RAM
 0x80    Entry into Linuxbios in RAM
 0x13    Entry into c_start
 0xfe    Pre call to hardwaremain()
 0x39    Console is initialized
 0x40    Cosole boot message succeeded
 0x66    Devices have been enumerated
 0x88    Devices have been configured
 0x89    Devices have been enabled
 0xf8    Entry into elf boot
 0xf3    Jumping to payload

 Errors  Used in several places

 0xee    Not supposed to get here
 0xff    - Elfload fail
         - die() called

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