[LinuxBIOS] r2550 - trunk/LinuxBIOSv2/util/flashrom

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Feb 22 18:42:59 CET 2007

> No comments, no objections?

I didn't see your mail until just now, together
with this one.

> Shall I update the wiki with this procedure
> and shall we use it from now on?
> I.e., you sign-off everything you touch or apply, you can ack your own
> patches, and any commit must get at least to acks (e.g. yours and that
> of one further developer).

Well I don't see the point of two acks if one
is your own -- if you don't want your patch
committed yet, just say so (post it as an RFC).
Just have the rule be simply that there needs
to be an ack from a committer and that's it.


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