[LinuxBIOS] linuxbios Digest, Vol 24, Issue 47

dedmons demaillists at comcast.net
Mon Feb 19 03:30:03 CET 2007

Sorry if this isn't formatted correctly. I chose to receive the batched
digest... Thanks for the reply.

| You should prepare a backup of your original BIOS anyway,
| IMHO. You could get another BIOS chip (they cost ca. 5 bucks or so)
| and flash your original BIOS on that, then test it.

| You can then use our flashrom tool to flash any images you like...

Yes, this sounds like a perfectly logical way to start.  I'll
see about getting some chips after I peel that label...

>> My machines motherboard has the following:
>> board: MSI-K7N2GM-L, Athlon XP, NVidia chipset

|Which chipset exactly?

nVidia NForce2 400 and MCP2.  I believe there is a
working NForce4 I saw on the `supported' list?

|The mainboard per se is not yet supported, but some parts of your
|hardware are.

>> 1) Pheonix Bios D686(?) Bios 18195747

|This is not relevant. You need to peel off the sticker
|from the BIOS. Then you'll see some ID numbers which identify
|the chip itself.

Silly me.  The machine was running while I was checking and didn't
even think about the actual chip number -vs- Pheonix's burn number.

>> 2) Nvidia NForce2 MCP F85055-R4 0348A4

|Ugh, sorry, I can't say anything about this. I hate these marketing
|names for chipsets, I never know which "real" names of the chips they
|refer to... Is there some official/complete list somewhere?

|As for NVIDIA, we currently support MCP55 and Ck804.

I'll do some more research and see what I can figure out.  I've
never gotten up on the PC chipsets before, so I guess now is as
good a time as any.

I'm getting ready to build a new machine, so it certainly won't
hurt to do some reading.  Any good on-line resources?

>> 3) WinBond W83627HF-AW

|Yep, that's supported. This means you could get out serial (debugging)
|output from the board.

Good, I was hoping at least one or two would be.  Is it terribly difficult
to do a BIOS from scratch?  It looks like I've got a lot of work to do. ;)



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