[LinuxBIOS] HT interrupts

Perry Wang peilien at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 15 06:06:22 CET 2007


Sorry to spam again but I couldn't figure out this on my own.  Questions:

1. Does LinuxBIOS actually program the HT interrupt definition registers
based on the interrupt capability and mobo config, or does Linux do this? Or
is it up to the driver?

2. What's the recommended way of doing HT interrupt that will work with both
APIC and 8259?  EOI seems to be APIC only (can be turned off in the
interrupt request) and I guess I can't rely on EOI to always be there?

3. EOI in a way acts as flow control.  So without EOI is it possible that I
can flood the PIC/APIC with too many interrupt packets?  I suppose the
credit based flow control in HT can take care of this...

Thanks again

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