[LinuxBIOS] questions about VSA on Gx2 plus cs5535??

lihao lihao at mprc.pku.edu.cn
Mon Feb 5 20:12:47 CET 2007

Hi all,

         I am running LinuxBIOS on gx2 and cs5535 platform. Now the code
begins to enumerate devices in northbridge. 

And the code hangs just after prints out _do_vsmbios_. 

         I find the next function called close to that print is
_unrv2b((uint8 *)rom, buffer, &ileg)_, and it seems that cpu is in dead

I am thinking that maybe my linuxbios image is not correctly built. The step
I build image is divided into 2:

         Firstly, I build out a _linuxbios.rom_ image;

         Secondly, I use _buildrom_ tool from util directory to build
vsa2.bin and linuxbios.rom together out as the final image.

         My flash is 512KB, so I put vsa2.bin at 0xfff80000, and
linuxbios.rom at another side of flash.

         Is my step correct??


         By the way, after I built out vsa image, it generates some other
images, which one should I choose? Including: vsa2.bin, olpcXXX.bin, some
vsms and so on..


         Any advice would be well appreciated.

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