[LinuxBIOS] Unexpected Exception: 13

michal wan michalwan at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 3 05:51:00 CET 2007

in the file src/cpu/amd/model_lx/model_lx_init.c

static void model_lx_init(device_t dev)

       /* Turn on caching if we haven't already */


       /* Enable the local cpu apics */

       // do VSA late init

       // Set gate A20 (legacy vsm disables it in late init)
       printk_debug("A20 (0x92): %d\n",inb(0x92));
       printk_debug("A20 (0x92): %d\n",inb(0x92));

       printk_debug("model_lx_init DONE\n");
when using vsm_end_post_smi() function, Unexpected Exception occures, any 
advice would be appreciated!

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