[LinuxBIOS] hda: lost interrupt when executing linux kernel

michal wan michalwan at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 03:44:11 CET 2007

1 it looks ok running linuxbios and filo 
2 loading kernel ok

when  executing linux kernel, something occurs like "hda: lost interrupt"

there are some problems which can be seen from the output of linux kernel
1  AMD5536: not 100% native mode: will probe irqs lalater
2 AMD5536: neither IDE port enabled (BIOS)

another problem is below
in the function model_lx_init() from src/cpu/amd/model_lx/model_lx_init.c
if umcomment setup_lapic() and vsm_end_post_smi(), it will occur supported 
interrupt 13, then  die  
i have uncomment the object  irq_tables.o in file 

any advice would be appreciated!

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