[LinuxBIOS] problem about dram init

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 23:56:22 CET 2007

On Dec 27, 2007 10:44 PM, aaron lwe <aaron.lwe at gmail.com> wrote:

> ron, you're right, it's a dram configuration problem.
> after I set the dram clocking control and signal timing
> control registers, it worked well after enabling memory
> cache. Hmm...these registers have nothing to do when
> cache disabled? and they are not mentioned in the
> bios porting guide either

This is a tricky issue that can come up when caching is turned on,
since caching does bursts, and that's another point at which any small
timing errors will be experienced.

That's what happened to you ... I am very glad you fixed it.



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