[LinuxBIOS] problem about dram init

aaron lwe aaron.lwe at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 07:58:58 CET 2007

> Hmm. I think this also is true with some Intel chipsets. Even without
> graphics enabled there has to be some kind of reserved memory space
> just below tolm (the smallest I was sucessfull with was 1MB) or filo
> chokes. Doesn't LB allocate a bounce buffer just before the payload
> starts? Is this bounce buffer just below tolm??
> Thanks - Joe

yes, this bounce buffer is just below tolm with the size twice of
(&_eram_seg - &_ram_seg).

I'm now having trouble with mtrr, after setting variable mtrr, data gets
If only set and enable fixed range mtrr, everything works fine except that I
have to reserve
extra space near the tolm or filo couldn't start. With variable mtrr not
set(but enabled by earlymtrr),
the linux kernel could be booted though the speed is aweful...
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