[LinuxBIOS] VGA Support on AMD DB800

Omar Esteves Duarte Filho duarte at vonbraunlabs.com.br
Thu Dec 20 21:25:55 CET 2007


I'm trying to use LinuxBIOS with AMD Geode DB800 platform. However, until
now, I could not manage to get VGA output working.

Here is a summary of what i've tried:

- built a LinuxBIOS rom image without VGA support.
- downloaded a brand new kernel from www.kernel.org (kernel version:
- configured this kernel, enabling these options:
 [*]   AMD Geode family framebuffer support (EXPERIMENTAL) 
 <*>     AMD Geode LX framebuffer support (EXPERIMENTAL)  

- editted GRUB's menu.lst file to include the following entry:

	title		Ubuntu, kernel
	root		(hd0,1)
	kernel		/boot/vmlinuz-
root=UUID=b40ebb15-49bd-4042-ab40-5437c0caa1ba ro quiet splash pnpbios=off
	initrd		/boot/initrd.img-

- compiled fbcon as a module.

However, if I try to modprobe fbcon, i get nothing. Running startx also
gives me no result... Does anyone have any idea or clue about this?




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Omar Esteves Duarte Filho wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm trying to use LinuxBIOS with the AMD Geode DB800 platform. I'd 
> followed all the instructions in http://linuxbios.org/VGA_support but 
> there is no sign of life at the VGA monitor. However, if i disable the 
> VGA support options in the COnfig.lb and Options.lb files, I get the a 
> linux console at the serial port. Has anyone been able to make VGA 
> work with this platform? If so, is there a HOWTO or some documentation 
> that could give a clue? I think i'm missing something... Any help is 
> welcome! :-)
> Best regards,
> Omar.
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Hi Omar,

There is no Geode graphics support in LinuxBIOS. You need to install the
  Geode framebuffer driver for console graphics and the X driver for X
support on your Geode Linux image. Until the driver loads there is only have
serial console output.


Marc Jones
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