[LinuxBIOS] Asus A8N-E sm-bus issue? (Unknown Trwt )

extinct man pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de
Wed Dec 19 05:40:23 CET 2007

greetings !

the latest A8NE revision shows up on the serial
console like this:

   1.      LinuxBIOS-2.0.0_Fallback Mon Dec 17
23:47:15 EST 2007 starting...
   2.      core0 started:
   3.      started ap apicid:
   4.      SBLink=00
   5.      NC node|link=00
   6.      SMBus controller enabled
   7.      Ram1.00
   8.      Ram2.00
   9.      Unknown Trwt       //   and then "dies" 

Trwt is RAM timing parameter, the mail list quotes the
"die" line when "clock" is to  big or small. Then
again maybe it is because of SMbus problem. the issue
came up (see mail) with a similar CK804 board

one might modify the sources to enable dump-spd
registers for more output (in car-auto.c).

should I first enable more detailed  output or proceed
in another way? 

this is what I learned from IRC chat, tks Corey &

maybe also there is something wrong with abuild, since
it comes up with .rom files which are too small on
a8ne target, namely 508KB while a "manual" build
produces a proper 512KB image.           -Q

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