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I agree.
My current Linux development box does indeed make use of a custom kernel,
and runs Slackware Linux, their release numbered 11.0 as it happens.

So far I've not had any problems with building the tools for checking to see
what he uses for the superio function part of his mother board. Incidentally
this box is a Dell Optiplex GX150 and uses the I810 chipset family.

Depending on my finances and a few other things, I might be able to find a
second unit, and work on a complete port. The big headache will be in
obtaining one. I believe I've seen them for sale via Weirdstuff.

Especially since my projects during the coming year just might require the
presence of a legacy free BIOS on board.

Incidentally Marc where are you based? I am based in NYC, Astoria Queens in
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> That would work, but this brings up a rather interesting point.  What
> are we todo about all the other Distros?   At some point (if not
> already) they will also face a similar issue.
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