[LinuxBIOS] #90: Add --list-supported option

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Mon Dec 17 22:23:02 CET 2007

#90: Add --list-supported option
   Reporter:  uwe                |          Owner:  somebody                    
       Type:  enhancement        |         Status:  new                         
   Priority:  major              |      Milestone:  Enhance the flashrom utility
  Component:  flashrom           |        Version:                              
   Keywords:                     |   Dependencies:                              
Patchstatus:  there is no patch  |  
 We should add a --list-supported option which prints the chips,
 southbridges, and boards supported by flashrom (and links to the resp.
 wiki page, too).

 Then drop the list of supported stuff from the README, so we don't have to
 manually maintain two different lists (which is tedious, error-prone, and
 hard to keep in sync as seen in the past).

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