[LinuxBIOS] [Fwd: Re: Patch file for Fedora 8 compile problems]

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 21:57:56 CET 2007

On Dec 17, 2007 11:19 AM, Marc Karasek <Marc.Karasek at sun.com> wrote:
> So as part of the buildtarget script you would check the distro
> (possible using awk) and then set BUILDID_OPTION as an environment
> variable?

not quite.

What I propose is that we modify the standard makefiles to do
something like this:
include makefile.distro

The makefile.distro is created by buildtarget script in, e.g.,
targets/pcengines/alix1c/alix1c, i.e. the build directory.

> The only problem I see with this approach is it is not volatile across
> terminal windows.  For example, you open one window run buildtarget in
> it, this sets teh environment var properly.   You can then compile in
> this window, I have checked by manually doign an "export
> BUILDID_OPTION=-Wl,--build-id=none"  and commenting out the lines in the
> src/config/Config.lb file.   If you open another terminal however, you
> cannot compile in it,  the first window only has the environment var
> set, the second window does not.

> And if you close the first window you
> have to run ./buildtarget again.   The only way I see to make it
> volatile across windows is somehow embed the option in the Makefile as a
> define.

exactly. that is my proposal :-)

But instead of modifying the makefile, we *generate* a file (always)
that is included in the makefile. In most cases, the generated file
may only have stuff like:

But in your case, it would actually define that option. We can also
use this to deal with the -fstack-protector mess.

So one other function performed by the buildtarget script will be a
new function, that of creating the makefilo.distro in the build

So we are close!



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