[LinuxBIOS] [Fwd: Re: Patch file for Fedora 8 compile problems]

Marc Karasek Marc.Karasek at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 17 17:18:38 CET 2007

Was this option just keeping the Config.lb changes and using an 
Environment Variable?

If so were does the environment variable  get set?  Is it up to the  
programmer or is it part of the build?

Marc Karasek
Sun Microsystems
mailto:marc.karasek at sun.com

ron minnich wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2007 7:45 AM, Marc Karasek <Marc.Karasek at sun.com> wrote:
>> The patch could be put in as a blank option or now with a
>> "README.Fedora8" file in the root.  The readme would give instructions
>> to change the Options.lb file to include the -Wl,--build-id=none
>> option.  At some point in the future we could change it around and make
>> it so that the default is the option with a "README.build-id" about
>> removing it.  This would hopefully be a mute point, at some future time,
>> as V2 would give way to V3 (which does not have this problem).
> And every time someone does an svn command they'll have to deal with
> the fact that this file is different.
> I'm really sorry but I think this idea is a non-starter with me. Can
> you look at my proposed buildtarget change? v2 is going
> to be around for a while. We need to do this in the right manner.
> thanks
> ron

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