[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] AMD Barcelona(family 10) support 3 of 4

Marc Jones marc.jones at amd.com
Fri Dec 14 00:47:18 CET 2007

Rudolf Marek wrote:
unsigned long acpi_fill_mcfg(unsigned long current)
> +{
> +	/* Just a dummy */
> +	return current;
> You don't need this, the acpi_fill_mcfg is a weak symbol. if it does not exists
> everything compiles fine.

OK thanks, I will be updating APCI tables in the near future..... I have 
a bit to learn in that area as well.

> Oh just one thing. I wanted to get the S3 working with K8 revE. I have written
> some experimental implementation, but memory after resume is unusable. I'm just
> triggering the bits DCL_ESR | DCL_SRS to exit self-refresh but no luck. I'm
> working-out all known revE errata. Is there a way how to get access to some more
> advance documentation? Is really sufficient just to trigger those to bits
> instead of InitRAM? Do I need to deal with the DisDqsHys even when from resume
> (of course I tried both). The PME registers should respond to S3 sb generated
> cycle. Anyway this can wait and it is totally lowprio, but still I'm curios ;)

I have the same BKDG that you should have and I don't see any additional 
  documents that might have more information. I will let you know if I 
come across anything.


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