[LinuxBIOS] starting ACPI implementation for m57sli

Andreas B. Mundt andi.mundt at web.de
Mon Dec 10 19:26:33 CET 2007

Hi everybody!

Following http://linuxbios.org/ACPI_in_LinuxBIOS I tried to implement
some basic ACPI functionality for the ga-m57sli. 

It compiles now, but linux doesn't boot anymore, I guess there is some
irq routing wrong (I took all from the a8v-e_se; thanks to Rudolf Marek).

I'm an absolute newcomer to the field, so please do not expect to much
from the patch. Perhaps someone else can be motivated, and/or use it
as starting point for a thorough implementation. (Or, of course, give a 
hint what's going wrong).   



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