[LinuxBIOS] Interest in a Free Software BIOS for Radeon cards?

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Mon Dec 10 16:38:26 CET 2007

Hi Oliver,

On 09.12.2007 23:47, Oliver McFadden wrote:
> There is some information on my blog (http://olivermcfadden.livejournal.com/)
> trying to figure out how to flash these cards, but I think it's some kind of
> GPIO based SPI interface.
> AMD have released some register information for the Radeon cards
> (http://www.x.org/docs/AMD/42589_rv630_rrg_1.01o.pdf and
> http://www.x.org/docs/AMD/RRG-216M56-03oOEM.pdf) and a working AtomBIOS parser
> in the radeonhd driver
> (http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=xorg/driver/xf86-video-radeonhd;a=summary)

Thanks for the pointers. I will look into implementing SPI support for
these cards in a week or so. Ping me if you don't see any code/questions
until then.


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