[LinuxBIOS] Support for Intel Little Valley

Michael Ost most at museresearch.com
Fri Dec 7 18:40:09 CET 2007

Peter Stuge wrote:
> Hi, Michael.
> On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 12:35:40PM -0800, Michael Ost wrote:
>> We are considering building a product around Intel's Little Valley
>> mini-ITX motherboard, model D201GLY. Would we be able to use
>> linuxbios on it?
> SiS662+SiS964L - neither have existing support.
> The southbridge SiS966 is supported, maybe it's close enough to be
> usable.

We have some contacts at Intel, but not SiS. From the Linuxbios 
perspective that's the key company here, right?

>> If development is required, are there folks who do that kind of
>> programming that we could work with?
> Yes. The problem is usually to find documentation from the chipset
> vendor, but we've recentlyreceived nice contributions to the project
> from SiS themselves so maybe that will not be a big problem here. :)

We would be interested in getting a quote from someone capable for 
supporting this board. Any suggestions or contacts?

I was told that the BIOS chip is a 4-Mbit SPI flash device. Is that big 
enough to work with (512K)? Would we be able to fit any system 
diagnostics (fsck, memtest86), tools (bash) or network support (ssh, 
vnc) into that size?

- mo

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