[LinuxBIOS] State of the buildrom

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Thu Dec 6 17:08:40 CET 2007

On 06/12/07 08:57 -0700, Myles Watson wrote:
> This is the same patch, updated to use HEAD instead of 539.  Because
> of the way linuxbios.inc works, this only gets the true head the first
> time, then it just takes the previously built tarball.  So if you
> really want the new head you have to remove the tarball.

The decision to force the user to chose what revision to use was mine, and
I've taken a lot of flack for it.  I still think there is real value in
directly specifying where the code comes from (for reproducability) purposes,
but if everybody complains at the same time, I can change my mind
(and reserve the right to say "I told you so" later).

> I also created a new variable LINUXBIOS_SVN_DIR to keep it from
> getting v2 and v3 confused with version numbers when you switch back
> and forth.
> I added an option to use the lgdt patch from the mailing list which
> enables compilation on the compilers I have.
> I fixed a bug I introduced in the last patch when I added an extra @
> to a line in linuxbios.inc

> Myles
> Signed-off-by: Myles Watson <myles at pel.cs.byu.edu>

Not attached, again.. :)

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